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Am I reading too deep into this?

Lion And The Falcon (Furry United Coalition) - Eve Langlais

Okay, so I laughed my arse off with this. I'm one of those people with super-juvenile senses of humor, so puns with the acronyms (FUC/ASS) just make my day. 


And I like a romantic UF that doesn't take itself too seriously. Some of the antics here were over-the-top to the max, but I liked that ridiculousness. I cared about the characters, and I wanted to see what happens to them later on.


Except (there's always an except) there are times when this novel tries to be super-serious, and that's where the record abruptly cuts off and I'm left unsatisfied and annoyed.


Kind of like Nolan in that one scene. (Hah!)


Maybe I'm reading too deep into this, but is "use of deadly force against escaped mental patients" really a topic which lends itself to superficial treatment? The characters discuss this a couple of times, and Nolan is the only person to object to the idea of putting down the traumatized survivors of an inhuman science experiment. And even he changes his opinion when his crush/lover becomes exposed to danger (however, when one of his staff is presumed dead, his initial reaction is more of a "oh, shame" rather than "omfg my nurse has been brutally murdered and this might be my fault".)


I get it, this is not a book that's meant to be taken seriously, but this isn't one of those subjects which you broach lightly. I just... I can't shrug it off, and it pisses me off because I want to enjoy the book.


Talk about mood-killers.