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So I was sitting in the library thinking about Sleeping Beauty...

...and I thought, wouldn't it be cool if there was a story where Sleeping Beauty actually put the world on hold by falling asleep, and then woke up, and the world had changed anyway? And if she went out into this world and tried to make sense of it and met a boy? And the boy wouldn't believe her story?


Pretty neat.


Then I thought how different the story would have turned out if the POV switched. And I got sad :(


Because if it was told from Beauty's POV, the story would have been some kind of fantastical fish-out-of water YA. Romancey. Sweet. Moderately successful.


If it was from the boy's POV, though, it would have been a psychological is-it-true-or-is-it-false type of thing, very artsy, very Murakami-esque. It would probably reap awards, especially if a dude wrote it.