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So this article here made the wheels turning

Not in response to the article itself, but rather everything it tells us about publishing right now.


Basically, the author says that we should not slag John Green off for sticking to writing from the perspective of white middle class protagonists, because it's where he has a frame of reference, and it is important to accept that this is his type in an ever-expanding and diversifying YA market.


Okay... Two questions.


1/ From the tone of the article, I'm supposed to get that white middle class is just one of many choices, but in reality, that POV is what the majority of books are written from. If we're advocating the "write what you know" approach, what does it mean in a wider context? That only white people write books and naturally that's the predominant narrative? Or that books by writers of colour don't get published?


2/ John Green writes a specific type of stories, but he's not the only one. Other writers have also worked with these stories/ characters/ tropes, and even made similar or the same deconstructions, yet they don't nearly have the same platform or recognition.  Why is that? Is it the quality of the writing? Or is it the exposure his books get?




What? I genuinely want to know?