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The Lonely Hearts Club - Elizabeth Eulberg It's been a while since I read a book in one sitting. I'd forgotten what it was like, to completely immerse yourself into it and fall just a little bit in love.Penny Lane is just your typical teenager... well, if you don't count her parents' religious obsession with the Beatles. Oddly enough, I can relate to that particular aspect, being an ABBA kid myself. When she finds her childhood friend turned boyfriend with another girl, though, she decides to rethink her position on dating and boys, and decides to give it up for the next two years. Thus, the Lonely Hearts Club is born, and as it slowly gains popularity, Penny begins to realize she has more going on than just a ban on boys.What I love, love, loved about this book is probably how friendship is slowly being rediscovered throughout the girls' experiences. I know it sounds cheesy and dramatic, but in a literature where friendships are highly unlikely due to the fact that they will not do good in the Stockholm Syndrome relationships that substitute 'love' (no example needed), it's very rare to see a book which highlights the fact that above love, girls need their friends' support to get along. Penny is charming. She's sweet, she's quirky, she's naturally embarrassed by her parents, and she's a little bit too intense (but try finding a teenager that isn't). Some might argue that she becomes annoying when she turns into this semi-Christ figure for the jilted girls in school, or that she stresses over it too much, but in my opinion, it was very realistically portrayed. It took me back a few years, when no word spoken didn't inflict some damage, when no action went unnoticed and unscrutinized, if not by the peers, than by myself. It was refreshing, and I loved the book for it.Also:I loved how important issues were brought up without hitting the reader across the head with a Bible.I loved how girls discovered that it was not a boyfriendless life they needed, but a supportive group of friends.I loved how boyfriends could make it into that group.But most of all...I loved the walrus!