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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Seth Grahame-Smith Well, that certainly was fun to read. Easy on the brain, even if the undead described in it have less than friendly intentions towards it, and it definitely was a pleasant way to waste several hours. That being said, this book is like a big pile of cotton candy - no matter how much you put in your mouth, you'll always remain hungy, and if you eat too much, you'll be sick of it (which is a funny coincidence). I originally thought this would be really cool, after having read descriptions, and for a long time afterward, I still thought it was interesting. However, the complete lack of substenance in this book eventually caught up with me and I had to admit the truth - it's not really worth it. Jane Austen is hailed as co-author, but she does more than half the work. Whole piles of the original text have been copied in the book and the zombies that are supposed to lighten up the novel just don't live up to the expectations.Also, I lack patience with overachievers, and Elizabeth, with her two trips to China (which, I suppose, she didn't do in an airplane), perfect mastery of the deadly arts and uncanny bloodthirstiness, all developed before she is one-and-twenty, definitely rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps the biggest surprise was Charlotte, whose illness both stunned and touched me, for no accountable reason. I found myself truly taken in whenever she was mentioned, and Mr. Collins' reaction to her illness showed that he truly did care for his wife... probably in the same way Edward Cullen cares for Bella, but then again, the historical context is different.