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Bitten - Kelley Armstrong So... paranormal romance...Some of you might be shaking your heads and wondering why am I not reviewing serious books. Don't worry, my darlings, I shall get there. Thing is, this genre is most often associated with L. K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series, which does it a monstrous disservice, at least in my opinion. Monstrous, because while the Anita Blake series is tremendously popular, it's about average (at its best) in regards to language, character development and story, in comparison to the better, but less popular books of the genre.That being said, Bitten is most certainly a must read for anyone who wants to delve in the genre. Suspenseful, mysterious and sexy - it doesn't even begin to describe the book, but there is some of that. Moreover, I greatly respect the fact that Kelley Armstrong manages to not only write a strong female heroine, she writes a strong female heroine in a completely, totally male world, and manages to pull it off without seemingly break a sweat. Elena is the heroine you always wanted to read, but never get to - she's intelligent, but impulsive as well. She is sensitive, but has guts. She has her own problems to deal with, and she's pretty hard headed, but she stands her own and most certainly doesn't take shit from anyone. Considering she is the only female werewolf in the world, it says a lot that she manages to be her own person and not become identified by the men around her.Also, do you know how in some books you feel like you're stumbling? You read it and you suddenly get the feeling the author themselves didn't know where this was going and threw together the first things that came to their mind. You know the book is good, you know you like the concept, but the execution is somehow... lacking. Well, fear not - Bitten not only knows where it's going, it goes there with style. Not only does it matter to pull off the little twists and revelations and plotpoints without making it look like they came out of nowhere, it does so with what looks like complete effortlessness, which is why it deserves nothing less than its five out of five.