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What Can(t) Wait - Ashley Hope Pérez Have you ever read a book which you completely understand and relate to, even if it's set into another time, dimension, world? Well, this is that kind of book - the kind where the characters are so real that even if you cannot relate to their situation, you understand and love.Marisa is in her senior year in high school, and finds herself on a crossroad - her parents don't see the point in higher education and pressure her into working more to help the family, while her friends and teachers try to push her into pursuing her dreams of becoming an engineer. There are no dragons and vampires and epic adventures in this book - only a simple story of a girl finding her place, which rings more true than anything else I've read recently.The thing I loved best about this novel is how it writes about ethinicity and class without being only about ethinicity and class. Let me explain: While Marisa's life is generally influenced by who she is and where she comes from, her troubles are not all that different from our own. Because here's the thing: I cannot even begin to imagine how life is for Marisa. I've never been in her shoes. If I'm white and middle class, it would make sense if I related to girls like Laurel Sewell or Bella Swan?Perhaps it would, but I do not. Because all the Laurels and Bellas seem to think about is which guy should they choose. And while a guy was my number one priority once, that's not the case anymore, and the truth is, it's not a very relatable problem. But fear? Insecurities? Finding your identity? Those are problems that I face every day, and like Marisa, I struggle to overcome them. Sometimes I fail, and sometimes I do not - either way, each battle matters, and this is why this book was so wonderful.