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Генезис - Bernard Beckett, Емилия Ничева-Карастойчева This is one of those books that I can never make my mind up for. Do I like it or do I not? Does it deserve three stars or four? And in the end, does it even matter?I finished this book one or two years ago, so the little details are a little foggy, but from the lasting impressions I got from it, I would say that it definitely sent me into the Zone for a while. No, I didn't have any great epiphanies about the meaning of Life (that topic is on permanent hiatus) or our Society (we'll be shaken off like a bag of fleas, so why bother wondering), but it did make me feel for the heroine and the ending left me extremely saddned. But on that later...The book acquires the form of a "dialogue", where the heroine, Annax, gives a sort of oral exam on a historical figure which plays an important part in the dystopian world. Her statements are supported with carefully choreographed video simulations and her own interpretations of the events. As boring as that sounds, Bernard Beckett manages to capture the attention of the reader until the last moments.Since I was never good at philosophy, I will not discuss the nitty-gritty of the existential issues raised in the book. It's quite obvious that Bernard Beckett went for a novel that carried enough philosophical context to be considered "elite", while the post-apocalyptic setting was meant to appeal to the sci-fi loving crowd. The thing is, I kept getting the feeling that this book could have been a great prequel to a sci-fi saga. It carried enough weight to set in motion a chain of events, if it was allowed to, and the questions raised in it could have served as great motivation for many interesting (and not so interesting) characters. The fact that the book stands on its own... is kinda disappointing, and I admit that perhaps I was not able to understand the purpose - to muse on the meaning of Life and Man, I suppose, but it does not change the fact that it managed to touch me emotionally and it still does, after all this time. -----------------------------------------------------------------------23.06.2011 - I first read this book in 2009, and back then I didn't understand it. Surprised? I wasn't. At the time, I lived thinking that I was too narrow-minded and naive to understand the higher concepts of life, a belief that was only confirmed by the Super Smart clique in my class. Now, two years, 200 books and a buttload of new experiences later, I have come to discover that doubting my intellectual capacity was yet another attempt at teenage drama turned melodrama on my part. The fact that no-one witnessed that drama is moot, because it meant all the world to me.This is somehow relevant to the book, but only if you've read it. ;)