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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Six Other Stories - F. Scott Fitzgerald You know, I never really got into "The Great Gatsby", but after reading these short stories, I am most firmly convinced to go back to it again. Fitzgerald is on his way to becoming one of my favorite writers, and not simply because I understand what he says in his stories *dolt*This book contains "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", a story about a man who starts his life as an old man and ages backwards, and six other stories set in the early twentieth century America. Equal parts wit, drama and social commentary, these stories made me think back fondly of the days when I would sit in school trying to dissect texts just like that and look for its historical and literary meaning. It made me glad I'm not at school anymore, because I would have hated it. I did love it now, however. I found the stories to be not only a delight to read, but also containing a very true message about humans and human nature. They did not present the world to be black and white, or dull gray, but pointed out on how our desires make us who we are and how that's often the best part of being alive. Just to illustrate, a short quote from 'O, Russet Witch', where the hero, an aging man, realizes his prudent and lovely middle-class life was worthless because he had never been on the other side of it: "'O, Russet Witch!'But it was too late. He had angered Providence by resisting too many temptations. There was nothing left but heaven, where he would meet only those who, like him, had wasted earth."