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The Passion of New Eve (Virago Modern Classics) - Angela Carter Also found here: http://theninjareader.tumblr.com/post/15343999865/review-passion-of-the-new-eve-by-angela-carterSo you think that a world where love is a disease is the scariest dystopia you can think of? Oh, foolish mortals.This alternate universe has America in the midst of a devastating civil war (because, you know, the seventies were just too tame), where Czesh alchemists make gold in tiny NY flats, Women (Carter's caps, not mine) go around sexually harassing men and committing terrorist acts, the desert hosts an ultra-modern technology lab that allows full sex-change operations, but also an animalist poet who prefers pigs to humans (but it doesn't stop him from keeping a sheared, toothless harem for his enjoyment), and a former plastic surgeon who turned herself into a fertility goddess.Reading Angela Carter's books is like plunging into one huge, extended metaphor, which you might need a lot of help to interpret. Her world building varies from fairytalish (The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories) to downright bizzare (The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman). The Passion of New Eve falls somewhere towards the latter category - we have scenes that came either from a sci-fi movie or a drug0induced hallucination. To that kind of world-building, you can go in two different ways - you can either decide that it is not worth your time and abandon the book entirely, muttering about it stretching disbelief like chewed gum, OR you could stop trying to suspend your disbelief altogether, sit back and enjoy the ride.I did the latter.