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Storm Front (Storm Force #0.1-#0.5) - Lissa Bilyk Actual rating - 3.5 stars.Tina Storm is definitely someone I'd want to learn about. From what I've read so far (and it was a lot, even if the stories are short), she will be a veritable Pandora's box of a character.The stories center around isolate incidents of Tina's life (well, not so isolated), which serve as a nice introduction to the world she lives in and the battles she fights. There is some veritable heartbreak in there, and her reaction to the things happening to her, while not the best, is very believable and realistic. She's a teenager, and she reacts as a teenager might, albeit one with superpowers.The problems I have with the stories are mostly stylistic. For one thing, there is a lot of telling - a huge part of the text is actually Tina explaining things to us. Maybe it's because it's a short story and there was a word limit, but I think that a lot of the stuff that was explained to us could have worked better if it was woven into the plot, or shown through the character's interactions with others.The other thing is that, much like with "The Edge of Darkness", we don't get to spend much time with other characters. Again, maybe it was just the format, but I felt like we didn't get much of a chance to get to know the other characters before they die. Even Molly. I don't know, I think her death might have made a little more impact if I'd actually seen her interact with Tina before she died. .Still, it's a very good introduction to the world of Tina Storm. I'll definitely be looking forward to her story.