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What Makes Women Happy - Fay Weldon Today, on my way to the library, I saw a dog take a shit. Not a big deal in of itself, but it happened in the middle of the city centre, on a pretty old street, right against a jeweller store. People sniggered and looked away while the dog's owner berated him for doing this. But hey, a dog's a dog, to it a corner is just as good as any other.Why am I telling you this? Because according to Fay Weldon, women would be much happier if we were more like that dog - let nature take its course and stop being so neurotic about our surrounding.Some lessons I learned from this book:- If you want to work against biology, start taking hormones and sign up for a sex change operation.- When you tell people what's on your mind, you're not being honest, you're being a downer.- Female orgasms have no biological function. Learning to fake it is the best thing you will learn.- If your partner cheats on you, it's because they're sexually unsatisfied. Be glad they come back to you. If you're unhappy with your sex life, cheat! Just hope that when it comes out, it won't matter to anyone anymore.-If a child is essential to your happiness, but you can't get it from your husband, get it from someone else! Nobody has to know, and it's a lot better than subjecting yourself to the humiliation of fertility treatments!So yeah, you can imagine I didn't really like this book. Weldon often says that the purpose of the book isn't fairness, but attaining female happiness. Nature isn't fair, she says, and proceeds to tell us that if we can't beat them, then we should just be content with what we have.See, this is the problem when people address criticism to feminist movement: A lot of its main representatives are priviledged white, straight, uppder-middle class women. The advice in this book would be good if you fell into that category, but if not - tough shit, kiddo, but that's the law of the jungle! "What Makes Women Happy" is the manifesto of the dissatisfied housewife of our days, the one who has no bigger problems than not getting an orgasm. What happens if you're black? Asian? Lesbian? Transgender? If you claim that women and men are different and this justifies sexism, the argument can easily be applied to racism, ableism and homophobia as well. Okay, so what happens if I decide that I want to be paid for the work I do? I contribute to the economy, it's only fair that I be paid in proportion to my contribution. What happens if I decide that I would rather my partner didn't cheat on me because I don't want to be saddled with some nasty STD without my knowledge? What happens if my blind date, which I set up to cheat on my husband, really does turn up to be a serial murderer? I should have known better, I imagine.The really sad part is that there are good ideas here. I like her main mantra: "Be good and you'll be happy; be happy and you'll be good," and she does make a good point about being less self-centred. But there are things that are worth being neurotic about. For example:- Voting rights.- Birth control.- The right not to be raped.- The right to not be infected with an STD.- Wearing what you damn want. Just a sampler.