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A Choice of Emily Dickinson's Verse - Emily Dickinson, Ted Hughes I have a hard time reviewing classics.Specifically, I have a hard time reviewing poetry. I don't know if nature or nurture plays center stage here, but any attempts to be deep about this book would go to waste. Whether a university essay or random scribbles on the back of a receipt, writing is a personal exercise, and that applies tenfold for poetry. To put your thoughts together is hard enough, but to hide it behind elaborate tropes and then put it in verse makes it a very private sort of ritual. I think Emily understood this, so, for once, I let her words speak for themselves:Victory comes late -And is held low to freezing lips -Too rapt with frostTo take it -How sweet it would have tasted -Just a Drop -Was God so economical?His table's spread too high for Us -Unless We dine on tiptoe -Crumbs - fit such little mouths -Cherries - suit Robins -The Eagle's Golden Breakfast strangles - ThemGod keep His Oath to Sparrows -Who of little Love - know how to starve -