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Да се обичаме с отворени очи - Jorge Bucay Jorge Bucay takes us on an exploration of relationship dynamics by telling us the story of Roberto, who, by a freak accident, becomes privy to a correspondence between two psychologists regarding their incoming book project. At first he is indifferent, but the words in the letters reflect his own love life so well that he actually starts listening.Ok, on the whole, the book is fine as far as the philosophical theory goes - we get closer than ever to a human being when in love, hence, we become more aware of our own flaws, and we must realize how this or that affects the other and how the other is a mirror of our own and how our frustrations with the loved one are actually our frustrations with ourselves - ad nauseum. Admittedly, it's not bad. But it's not amazing either. Ironically, this book came into my notice while the big thing was (and still is) Twilight. A story about an abusive, Stockholm Syndrome relationship that prompted many others to sprout was one of the top read books. And reading Roberto, I almost wonder if Bucay hadn't forseen this phenomena.Because Roberto is not a nice protagonist. No, he cheats, manipulates and threatens. He is everything Edward Cullen is, but a more pronnounced jackass and a creep. And just when you think he's about to get what he deserves, the book ends, as if it's not important to know what happens.Blah.