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Free Four - 'Veronica Roth' Short, sweet and completely poitless, other than convincing me that Four is a spineless sociopath who couldn't string a logical thought if his life depended on it. He's incapable of making a compliment without adding some kind of insult, and he's very fond of giving people nasty nicknames. The inside of his head wasn't a nice place to be.Other than reinforcing the uber-simplistic character stereotypes from Divergent and giving us a nice strong whiff of Anti-intellectualism, this short also decided to hammer in the idea that Four is a whiny jackass. Oh, boo-hoo, my cool new faction sucks, and I won't do anything about it. It's like that Daria episode where she imagines being married to Trent and he says something along the lines of:"I'll turn this around. I intend to sit right here on this couch until things get better."Because tumblr has a gif for everything. Finally, the sampler chapters considerably helped my decision as to whether I should read Insurgent or not. I think it's best this trilogy and I parted ways.