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Small Blue Thing - SC Ransom I like heroines that take shit from no-one, and happily stick it to the patriarchy. I’m happy to say that “Small Blue Thing” is one of those books.Alex starts off as your ordinary teenage girl with an ordinary crush. Then, by the will of magic coincidence, she finds a bracelet that allows her to communicate with the people who died in the river, and finds her real soul mate. Standard, yes?What sets this story apart from all the other tales of ghosts falling for humans and vice versa is how strong Alex is. Seriously, the girl has two different boys supposedly try to pressure her/trick her into doing something she doesn’t like, and she immediately and dramatically enforces some boundaries. It’s impressive, because of how rare this is in YA fiction. I applaud C. S. Ransom for making her heroine so firm in her decisions.Another thing I loved was how friendship was portrayed in this book. Alex and her best friend Grace fill the dynamic of socially-awkward-girl-meets-energetic-and-outgoing-friend, but they also genuinely care for each other. No boy will stand between those two, that’s for sure. I’m incredibly happy there are still friendships like that portrayed, because honestly, there’s a deficit of those. If there’s one thing that I didn’t like, it is how quickly Callum and Alex start talking about love. Honestly, from now on, if newly-met people start telling each other how much they’re in love before the book’s passed its halfway mark, I’ll go bananas. There’s just no way to take them seriously. Instalove aside, I’d say that this is definitely one of the better paranormal YA’s out there. And, as an added bonus, it’s a fairly creepy story, what with these strange half-ghosts that form their own secret, tight-knit society. It’s worth checking out, for that at least.For this review and more, come over to The Book Lantern.