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Soeur des cygnes, Tome 2 - Juliet Marillier, Hélène Bury I don't know what annoyed me most:- The switch from one moustache-twirling villain to another halfway, without much resolution on the first one.- The buckets of wasted potential that were all female characters but Sorcha.- The fact that everyone needs to point out Sorcha's distorted eating habits without actually doing anything about it (just give the girl food she likes/place her in a situation where she isn't so anxious she needs to hurl her dinner! you jerks!)- That Sorcha's brothers patronise the shit out of her.- That Sorcha doesn't tell them to get their shit together.- That this is a Juliet Marillier book, damn it!- What Kat Kennedy already pointed out in her review of this book.Those gripes aside, this is a compelling fantasy, very competently translated, very blatantly split into two volumes because apparently French publishers need that to make bank. I actually enjoyed the story, and I liked the fact that someone points out the consequences to being a fucking swan for three years!