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Mr. Darcy's Diary - Amanda Grange I wonder, sometimes, what is it about Jane Austen, and "Pride and Prejudice" in particular, that makes it such a favorite subject of fanfiction. I mean, I have heard of the awesome power of the BBC 1995 mini-series adaptation, but I've never really experienced it first hand. "Mr. Darcy's Diary" is exactly this - fanfiction. Nothing more and nothing less, just like "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" and "Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters". Plotwise, it offers little other than a recap of the original novel from Darcy's point of view, and the original scenes soon lose their charm when the reader is forced to deal with Amanda Grange's poor writing. The rest of the book is just "Pride and Prejudice" told by Darcy, which in itself offers little in view of the actual story. After all, why pick up a book called "Mr. Darcy's Diary" if you haven't read "Pride and Prejudice" first? The book adopts a style that offers tremendous opportunities for character development, but instead of seizing the opportunity, Grange copies whole dialogues, word by word, from the original text, and sprinkles in some observations which I really could have gone without. Oh, there are some gems here and there, but they are few and far in between. Character development is nul. In fact, Mr. Darcy, portrayed in this book, is as whiny and annoying as they come. Also, from the dialogue and style of the narration, it's quite obvious that the author hasn't done her homework. Flitzwilliam Darcy is a Regency gentleman, is he not? Wouldn't his diary contain accounts of more things than balls and his romantic torments? Politics, perhaps? I would have never adressed this point if it hadn't been for a passage in this book, where he makes a point to let the reader know that the invasions of the French hold no interest to him. He's too busy mooning over Elizabeth, who is in the next room, and whom he cannot join until the men finish their political chit-chat. Gee, how flattering it must be, to give a woman more importance than Napoleon's wars. Yet, while the political future of Europe is clearly too insignificant for him, lengthy conversations about women's clothing and sauces apparently merit a full, word-to-word account in his diary.I won't ask why people read fanfiction. But the only difference between Amanda Grange, Seth Grahame-Smith and Ben H. Winters and the rest of us aspiring authors on fanfiction.net is that Amanda Grange, Seth Grahame-Smith and Ben H. Winters get paid. So why not put an effort into writing their books intead of letting poor Jane do half the work? I certainly have read better.