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The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson Last September, I saw "The Last Empire" featured as book of the Issue of one of my birth nation's few fantasy and sci-fi magazines. The author of the article presented Brandon Sanderson as the guy who is best known for having been chosen to finish Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. Now, as these things go, there was serious doubt as to whether Sanderson had it in him to live up to the task, and die hard fans of the series were afraid that it would never be on the same level as it did while the late Jordan was writing it. The problem is, the author went on, that Sanderson had reached Jordan's level while he was doodling on the back of his seventh-grade math notebook.I, of course, was curious as to what book merited such high praise (not that I've ever read Jordan,though I am much tempted now), and bought the first book in the Mistborn trilogy. Flash forward seven months.It's one o'clock and the third night since I started reading this. My eyes hurt from the lack of sleep and my head is spinning with the awesomeness of the writing, and all I can say is...Holy shit!I now bow down to Brandon Sanderson and pledge my everlasting fidelity. I shall from this moment on become an avid fangirl who will rip apart anyone who dares say that this trilogy is anything less than pure awesome! I cannot say anything critical for my brain is fried. Friends, beware!*hits alter ego on the back of her head*On a slightly less dramatic note, I have to say is that Mistborn will probably be to me what Star Wars was for people twenty or so years ago. Decades from now, people might not be completely certain of whether or not this book is any good, but they will not dare slam it. Sanderson just does everything great - the characters, the setting, the MYTHOLOGY... holy shit, the mythology. Meyer's sparkly vampires and Noel's whimpy immortals can't hold a candle to it. There is just so much thought, so much planning, so much forethought into this mythos, that putting it in the same sentence as those Google-generated idiocies is a blasphemy! I won't be able to go on for long without collapsing from exhaustion, but let me just try to say some key things about these books.Vin is, by far, on my list of excellent female protagonists ever written. I am shamefully in love with her and Elend (spelling mistakes due to the fact that I read this in bulgarian). The plot of the series is magnificent - not once did I feel like there was a plothole, every single thread tied up in the end so nicely and naturally that, had I not shamefully read spoilers ahead, would not have seen coming. The ending is a copout. It's such a huge copout, and I couldn't be happier for it. Damn!Note: More accurate review will come when I regain enough cognitive ability to write one. In the meantime - beware! A fangirl is born!