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High-brow or downright pretentious, good PNR or sparkly vampires, I don't care about the premise so long as it entertains me.

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Story of a Girl

Story of a Girl - Ever wondered what kind of person is Jessica from "Twilight"? Or Marcie from "Hush, Hush"? Or Manda from "Sloppy Firsts"? Or did you just dismiss them as stereotypical skanks that are there to stir our heroine's inferiority complexes?"Story of a Girl" is not about a perfect heroine living a perfect life. It's not even about an imperfect heroine messing up a perfect heroine's perfect life. It's about a girl facing the consequences of what she did and dealing with them as well as she can. It's not a perfect Hollywood ending, nor does it teach some amazing morals about life and family and friends. It's just a story of people, flawed and wanting, and I love it because of that.