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Rules of Attraction - Simone Elkeles Like I said in my last review, the sequel to Simone Elkeles' Perfect Chemistry is better than its predecessor. Some of the flaws of the previous book are still present, such as the slighly stereotypical characters and their tendency to monologue a little too much about their feelings, but once more, it's done in just the right way to keep the reader in the story and make them root for the heroes.Carlos struck me as obnoxious, I have to admit, and Kiara was just a little bit of a pushover, but they are, once more, characters you can associate with and love. Also, how cool is that I can brush up on my Spanish cuss words while reading. Hardly my strongest subject, but I loved it nevertheless (language freak, don't look).The story is engaging. Once more, we are given people with some pretty heavy problems, but they don't make an unnecessary amount show of the fact that they've got it bad (well, maybe Carlos does, once or twice). It proves that Young Adult Fiction is a genre where the authors can take their characters seriously, and write a good story if they want to. Just because your target audience are teens (or, in some cases, their moms) doesn't mean that an author should treat their subject matter as if they don't care for the readers. Care, writers. It shows.