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Leaving Paradise - Simone Elkeles When I first read Simone Elkeles' Rules of Attraction as much.Some of the things I liked about this novel: It's got some pretty real characters with pretty real problems. Some, like Caleb's parole officer and Maggie's cousin are real gems. I began reading the book and immediately felt everything the heroes felt - Caleb's desperation to make things the way they were before, Maggie's frustration that life seems to be playing her for a fool, the struggles they both go through...And then, suddenly, I felt like the plot had floored it and left me on the road, blinking the dust clouds away. Because here's the thing: the pacing is off. Things happen so fast I had no time to even comprehend what was going on before something else happened. Suddenly, Caleb has the hots for Maggie, but I barely realized how that happened. What made him change the way he looks at her? What made her change the way she was looking at him? Why were Caleb's friends such jerks? Why was Kendra doing what she did? And what about Leah?By the time I was finished reading, my head was buzzing with questions I couldn't answer. Not to say that I didn't understand what was happening, but I never understood why it happened. Nobody's motivation seemed adequately explained, and the reader is often told, rather than shown, what is going on. The story is good, but it lacks the same punch "Rules of Attraction" had. What is more, where I could easily beleive Carlos and Kiera's attraction to each other, Caleb and Maggie left me with little to no impression of them.So I guess it's a good read, but if you really want to see Elkeles bring up her A-game, read the "Perfect Chemistry" series. Personally, I find them amazing.