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Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan When you pick up a book which has LGBTQ characters, what is your first thought? That it'll be about bullying and strictly religious parents and a difficulty to come out of the closet? That it'll be filled with violence and inner struggles and the ever-popular individuality vs. conformity debate?This book is set in a city where teens don't have to make that choice - homosexuality is as common and accepted as heterosexuality, and prejudice is near eliminated. Paul is one of the happiest people you'd ever meet, and nobody slits their wrists over the fact that the world doesn't seem to accept them.I'm not saying that there isn't darkness in this book. On the contrary. Outside this utopia, there are still families that reject homosexuals and there are still teens for whom their sexuality is a big deal. But David Levithan manages the subject without descending into the melodramatic - in fact, he does what very few authors manage these days - to write a story with honesty and love, which is why this gets four and a half out of five.