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FOLLOW UP: Research volunteers wanted

Reblogged from The Ninja Reader:

Hello again!


My ethics just cleared, and I've got the survey link ready. Those of you who are interested in taking part and haven't gotten in touch, can you send me a direct message to confirm your interest and I can send you the survey link?


Thanks again for everyone who offered to help, you guys are amazing!




Hi everyone!


So, you might remember me posting a couple of months back that I'm doing my postgrad research on online communities. I have a big project coming up, and I'm looking for participants. 


I'm studying how trust is built and lost in online communities. I'm looking for people who used to be involved in the Goodreads blogging community and have either left the website completely or partially. It's a small project, I need 10-15 participants, and you'd need to fill out a survey about your perceptions and feelings about the community. 


If you're interested, or know someone who is interested, can you send me a DM, and I can give you the deets. I'm just waiting for my ethics form to clear for this. 


Thanks everyone!