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Review: Requiem by Lauren Oliver

Requiem - Lauren Oliver

Not gonna lie, I put off reading this for a long, long time. Almost one year, to be precise. And the saddest thing is that I have books that have been on my shelves for a lot longer that I haven't even started on.

I remember when "Pandemonium" came out and how excited everyone got. It was so much better than Delirium! Lauren Oliver living up to the potential of her debut! Everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats for "Requiem" to come out, and for once, it was not just because of the evil cliffie in the middle book.

And then release date came, and it was remarkable... in how little the blogosphere reflected that. The few bloggers that did review it were underwhelmed. 

Having finally read the book... well, I can kinda see why. But I also think it deserves a little more credit than it got. 

"Requiem" picks up pretty much from where "Pandemonium" left off - Lena and co are on the run, there's tension between Lena, Alex and Julian, but there is also the added POV of Hana, Lena's friend from the first book, who has taken the Cure and is now betrothed to the future mayor of Portland. From these alternating points of view emerges a narrative about change, growing up, and, yes, love.

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